Website Security

These days website security has become a big part of the internet landscape. Running a business requires knowledge about proper workflow to prevent improper use of your company network, services and resources.

Every day we hear of another "data breach" or "website defacement". Hackers use exploits to take advantage of vulnerable web servers. Denial of service attacks are a regular occurrence.

Business is not what it used to be! You need a hosting company who understands the landscape and can help you navigate the rough security terrain.

Our IT professionals have seen it all. From insecure servers, to full blown code exploitation. In our experience, the best defence is a good offense. Let our team help you by performing a website audit. We can educate you on best website practices and help protect your company by providing secure website hosting.

Allow our company maintain your website and educate you to the latest in website maintenance. Prevent your hosted website from becoming

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