Ecommerce Hosting

E-commerce stands for "Electronic Commerce" and is the buzz word used to describe the ability to take and make debit and credit card payments on the internet. There are multiple Internet payment solutions which have become the standard for performing transactions online. There are two service parts when accepting payments online. Those services are:

  • Merchant Accounts - A merchant account is a bank account that allows you to accept card payments.
  • Payment Gateways - A payment gateway is like an online Point of Sale system which allows you to perform transactions online.

Working together these two systems perform the transaction and move the funds to your account. Pro IT Hosting can help you and your company setup the ability to accept payments online. We have helped our customers accept payments in a variety of ways and we can help you too!

Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Choosing the right solution is the first step to accepting payments online. There are multiple options and which one you choose is based on what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a few suggestions we offer our clients:

Web Ecommerce
  • is a great solution and is very versatile.
  • Paypal solutions allow you to accept payments quickly.
  • Square gives you options to take card payments on the go.

Contact Pro IT today to help you setup the best ecommerce solution for you. We can also handle the process of making your site secure so you can maintain PCI Compliance.

Online Business Transactions

A savvy customer will be very careful to make sure their transactions happen safely and securely. Customers do research online to determine the best cost for products and services. Once these consumers have found what they are looking for, they pay money to the company or organization they have the most confidence in to deliver what they need at the best price.

There are two aspects to gaining the confidence of your customers.

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